Wabi-Sabi Ceramic Candle
Wabi-Sabi Ceramic Candle

    Wabi-Sabi Ceramic Candle


      Introducing our Wabi-Sabi Candle, a unique fusion of artistry and function that celebrates imperfections. These candle holders are inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, where flaws and irregularities are embraced, not hidden.

      Embrace the beauty of imperfection with every flicker of the flame.


       300ml | 100% Soy Wax | Handmade Ceramic Vessel |  Cotton wick 

      Burn time up to 50 hours  

      Candle Care: 

      To ensure the safe use of our candles, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

      • Avoid burning the candles in direct sunlight or near any source of heat.
      • Never leave a burning candle unattended; ensure it is always within your sight. It is important to burn the candle out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidents.
      • Before each burn, trim the wick to approximately 10mm to maintain optimal performance.
      • After the candle has cooled, remove any debris that may have been collected in the wax pool around the wick.
      • Do not allow the candle to burn all the way down and make sure to extinguish it before it reaches the bottom of the holder or container.
      • Pet Safety: While our candles are crafted with safety in mind, some essential oils can be harmful to pets. Keep candles out of reach of animals, and avoid using candles with essential oils known to be toxic to pets. Research specific oils and consult with a veterinarian to ensure the safety of your furry companions.


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