A Gift Guide To The Best-scented Candles For Men.

by James Granger on June 10, 2021

We here at Kuki strive to make products that are inclusive to all, regardless of age or gender. We create products that will appeal to everyone to find a scent every person can enjoy. As many candles are marketed to women, it may be difficult for men to find a scent and style they like. Our candle selection includes scented candles that are not only floral and fruity, but also rich, woody, smokey, and masculine in aroma with an elegant and handsome design that fits a hardy decor. Here is a gift guide of manly scented candles we think men will like.

Below are the five best candles for men and selected candle gift boxes.

1. Coffee, Tobacco & Sandalwood 

The masculine and woody scent of this candle is a favourite of everyone. Whether as a gift for yourself or someone you care about, this is a great pick. Notes of sandalwood, tobacco and coffee.

2. Kuki Concrete Edition 

A statement concrete candle is an ideal gift for him. Our concrete candle vessels are handcrafted, making each unique with a natural and raw finish.

3. Wood & Smoke

The latest addition to our collection is a woody earthy scent, reminiscent of a crackling log fire and dancing flickering flames. Woody notes of cedarwood, amber and smoky vetiver. Hearty notes of tobacco, leather and jasmine with a touch of refreshing citrus and herbal scents to uplift and invigorate.

4. Ansei 

This Japanese scented candle is a calming blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and mandarin. Candle inspired by Japanese bathing rituals that will cleanse your mind and reset your mood.

5. Vanilla and Musk 

This candle is light, balanced and subtle, a combination of sweet sultry musk and mellow vanilla is simple and exquisite.