A Complete Guide To The Best Smelling Summer Candles

by James Granger on August 02, 2021

It's no secret to candle lovers that candles aren't just for the cold months. On a humid day, you can light tropical candles to create a sense of comfort and refreshment and aside from adding brightness to your home, it's even more important than ever to create an atmosphere of a beach vacation, since few people can travel during this time. A summer candle is also great for enhancing the atmosphere of barbecues or dinner parties and long summer evenings outside.

We've put together a selection of our favourite summer candles to transport you to the island of your dreams, featuring notes of Sicilian lime, floral scents and tropical lychee. We've also added our Tropical Sanctuary Range, which features repurposed coconut shells and coconut husk candles.
Top notes of Sicilian lime and zesty bergamot, alluring hearty notes of ripe mandarin, white florals, and peppery basil. Base notes of velvety patchouli and green vetivert. Combining natural and modern scents that lift spirits and reinvigorate the senses, leaving your space feeling rejuvenated.
Fruity, oriental fragrances with top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and rhubarb complimented by a creamy heart of coconut, lychee, and bamboo. A musky base of vanilla and sandalwood. This candle was inspired by oriental scents in order to excite the senses, increase the mood and create a positive atmosphere.
A sophisticated floral scent that captures the spirit of a Japanese botanical garden. Fruity notes of plum, neroli, star anise and cardamom, followed by an inviting blend of jasmine, orange blossom and rose, based with warm notes of amber and musk.


We recommend burning your candle for about 3-4 hours at a time, and allowing the wax to melt up until the surface of the candle is completely melted. We make each candle by hand with soy wax and we use the purest essential oils and fragrant oils to ensure that the scent of the candle fills the whole room without burning it for long periods of time.